Note: Doors to Freedom is currently only working with minor girls.



Read ALL of the below information carefully. The below information will assist you in determining if your referral qualifies for and is ready to enter our program.

  1. Screen to ensure that your referral meets the following criteria:

    • She is between the ages of 12-20 (Must be 9 months away from turning 21. Plans for her transitioning to another facility will begin 6 months prior to her 21st birthday. Once she turns 21, she must exit the home.)

  2. She was engaged in commercial sexual exploitation (including but not limited to: being prostituted including familial trafficking, “survival sex,” stripping, pornography, etc.)…

    • As a minor (under 18) OR

    • She was compelled (over 18) through the use of force (violence/kidnapping), fraud (lies), or coercion (threats/manipulation).

  3. Print the 6 Stages of Change document. Assess where you believe she is in the process of change.

  4. Print the Readiness to Change Form. Be familiar with this form while you are discussing the possibility of her entering our program. You should complete this form with her.

  5. Complete


Your referral should be educated about our program and what it entails. Please review Program Information on the website with your referral. Doors to Freedom is strictly a volunteer program. She must be willing to agree with and participate in Doors to Freedom’s program. It will likely not be the right place for her if she is not ready to make life changes.


Complete the following steps, and send information to Call Doors to Freedom (843-879-3924) to make us aware that you are sending a referral.

Please give Doors to Freedom at least 24 hours to respond before following up. In the case of emergency, please call the house (843-879-3924). Doors to Freedom reserves the right to deny any applicant admission at any time.

  • Completed Referral Form

  • Doors to Freedom’s Intake Application completed by the referral.

  • Psychological Evaluation: This should include the applicant’s mental status exam, DSM-V diagnoses, current medications, substance abuse history, as well as presenting issues and symptoms

  • Recent HIV/STI and TB tests

  • Recent drug/alcohol test (within last 2 weeks)


If upon review of the referral application, Doors to Freedom has the capacity and ability to move forward, the following steps will be followed.

  • Schedule an interview with the applicant, parent/guardian, and/or DSS Caseworker, and DJJ Officer (if applicable), and Doors to Freedom.

  • Please encourage the applicant to think through any questions she has about the program, given her knowledge of the Program Information found on our website

  • In the case of a phone interview, please dial the phone number for her and introduce yourself to the Doors to Freedom staff member before handing the phone over to the applicant. Instruct her to return the phone to you when the interview is complete.

  • The Resident Manual will be reviewed with the applicant at time of interview

  • Signed Statement of Commitment will be required at time of interview

  • Signed Parent Guardian Placement Agreement from the applicant’s parent(s)/legal guardian(s) will be required at time of interview


If your referral is accepted into the program, please prepare by doing the following:

  1. Collect any available applicable documents:

    • Official Documents (Photo ID, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Immunization Record, Insurance/Medicaid Card)

    • Discharge papers (previous placement, hospital, rehab, DJJ, facility, psychiatric program, etc.)

    • Legal documents (outstanding financial obligations, important contacts, court orders, proof of guardianship for a minor, etc.)

  2. Have her pack based on Suggested Packing List.

  3. Have her find someone else to hold onto her phone, computer or any device that connects to the internet. Please note and communicate to her that if she brings her cell phone or any device that connects to the internet, it will be confiscated upon arrival, and only released upon leaving the program.

  4. Have her list all important, “healthy” contacts on the Visitation Communication Request. Their guardian will have to approve each name listed by initialing beside each name and signing the document. The individuals listed will then have to be approved by Doors to Freedom prior to having any contact with a resident. Transportation to Doors to Freedom is to be made by DSS Caseworker or DJJ Officer only. All visitation will take place off-site to protect the location of the home.