Our Program

We have established a 3 phase program that takes a holistic approach to transitioning our residents back into life away from Doors to Freedom. During the time our residents spend in our program, they get the chance to meet regularly with staff to discuss and evaluate their Individualized Growth Plan (IGP), goals and progress. 


Note: Doors to Freedom is currently only working with minor girls.




Phase One lasts the first 6-8 weeks of a resident entering the program. During Phase One the new resident will get to know Doors to Freedom while we get to know her. She will go through our complete intake and assessment process. The intake and assessment process includes: completion of all intake forms, Orientation/Tour of facility, review of the Resident’s Manual, Strengths and Struggles Assessment, Safety Assessment, and a Life Skills and Education Assessments. A “24 hour body check” will be done during intake and a 72-hour medical exam scheduled at a local medical facility.

(Doors to Freedom is not a medical facility)



Change by GrowTH

The duration of Phase Two is unique to each individual and the amount of time they need to complete their Individualized Growth Plan (IGP). The length of this phase can last 12-24+ months (Younger residents may need additional time to complete their education). During Phase Two the resident will fully join the program and work through her IGP. She will learn how to develop life-changing habits while obtaining her GED or High School Diploma. In order to progress to Phase Three, the resident must successfully complete her IGP.




The duration of Phase Three is also unique to the individual and can last a maximum of 6 months. A resident who successfully completes her IGP, will be transitioned back to her family or an approved foster home. During this time she will have access to resources provided by Doors to Freedom and will continue to have accountability through a Personal Growth Mentor and safety nets established by the Doors to Freedom staff and her family and/or host/foster family. The policies of Doors to Freedom still apply during this phase – see Resident Manual for more information.


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