Who We Are

New Life. Restored Hope. Beautiful Future.



Doors to Freedom has been established to provide a safe place for survivors of sex trafficking to experience a transformed life.



Doors to Freedom’s desire is to lovingly support each individual as she overcomes her traumatic past and receives total restoration: body, soul, and spirit. We are committed to providing a place for these girls to call home. Through academic education, life skills, personal growth and vocational training she will find a new life, restored hope, and a beautiful future.


Our organization believes truth is essential for freedom. Knowing truth and understanding truth gives meaning to the value of life. Understanding your value restores dignity and offers a new perspective on life. The right perspective restores hope and allows one to dream again for their future.


Our Core Values

Compassion- We are compelled by compassion.

Humility- We will be humble servants.

Intentionality- We consider other’s needs above our own.

Loyalty- We will be a faithful presence.

Diligence- We are constant in our efforts.


Doors to Freedom is a 501c3 non-profit.